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OsloMet Research Day 2021

Research Day 2021 celebrates the university's talented researchers and their contribution to society through dissemination, research, development and innovation.

On November 29th, OsloMet's Research Day will be held. The efforts made by the university's researchers to deliver knowledge that solves society's challenges will be celebrated. During the event, we will gain insight into the status of recent research at OsloMet. Finally, we will also award the Dissemination prize, the Innovation Prize and the R&D Prize.

The event takes place in the Student hall in Pilestredet 52 from 13:00 to approximately 15:30. We hope you will participate in the celebration of OsloMet's talented researchers.

The event will be streamed as well. You can follow the Research Day stream here (


There will also be cultural performances during the programme.

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