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A box filled with old toys made of plastic

Plastic fantastic: From lasting quality to ineradicable trash

During this seminar, the relation to, use of and transformation of plastics will be discussed.

Plastic has fascinated humankind since its invention in the early 1900s. Because of its flexibility and durability has been a constant subject of fascination. 

The use of it has increased exponentially and caused great damage to the environment. Because of their lowering price over time and increasing availability, synthetic plastics have increasingly been used instead of and in addition to natural materials. 

Event organizers: Green Met - Liv Merete Nielsen, Astrid Skjerven, Dagny Stuedahl, Kris Søbak and Andreas Ytterstad.

  • Contributors

    Astrid Skjerven 

    is Professor Emerita in Design Theory at The Department of Product Design, OsloMet. Her main expertise is the relation between aesthetics and sustainability, areas in which she has done extensive research in the field. She has been Head of the planning of the PhD programme Innovation for Sustainability at OsloMet.

    Louise Dennis 

    The Curator of the Museum of Design in Plastics, Arts University Bournemouth, UK. Through her work, she aims to show the value of plastics materials when used appropriately, and hopes that, by learning from the past, manufacturers, designers, and consumers can make better informed choices.

    Tone Rasch 

    is a curator at the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology with a special interest in fashion, textile industry and plastics. She has been working with a research project on rainwear fashion and plastics as youth fashion in the 1950s and 1960s. Currently she is a part of the ongoing project REDUCE about the implementation og plastics in consumer culture.

    Nina Heidenstrøm 

    is a researcher at Consumption Research Norway SIFO, OsloMet. She has a PhD in sociology, University of Oslo. She researches sustainable consumption and household preparedness. Common to the two topics is a focus on everyday life, social practices and embodied knowledge. She uses qualitative, ethnographic methods with a particular interest in how material culture can be used to understand the social world

    Ingrid Haugsrud 

    is a researcher at Consumption Research Norway SIFO, OsloMet, where she has been working since 2021. Her research interests lie within sustainable consumption – especially related to clothing in everyday life, theories of care, wardrobe studies, and consumption and childhood.

    Johannes Zachrissen Daae 

    Head of Development, GrøntPunkt Norge. Johannes Daae has a M.Sc. in Interaction Design and a PhD in Design for Sustainable Behaviour. He currently works as Head of Development for GrøntPunkt Norge. He also holds a position as associate professor at the Department of Product Design at OsloMet.

    Andreas Ytterstad 

    is Professor in Media and Communication at OsloMet, Chair of Concerned Scientists Norway and instigator of the Bridge to the Future alliance. His main expertise is climate communication, with special emphasis on climate journalism and climate jobs where he is also a prolific public disseminator.

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