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Understanding youth radicalisation: Final event of the DARE H2020 project

What is it that drives youth into radicalisation? Through extensive empirical research the Dare project has deepened the understanding of radicalisation through a critical and societally focused approach. Now is the time to present our findings. Welcome to the DARE H2020 Research-Policy-Practise Event.

DARE H2020 Research-Policy-Practice Event 

The DARE H2020 project aims to deepen our understanding of radicalisation through a critical and societally focused approach. Funded under the EU H2020 Framework Programme, DARE investigates young people’s encounters with radical(ising) messages, how they respond to such calls, and the choices they make about the paths they take.

The project has undertaken extensive empirical research with young people in radical(ising) milieus both offline and online and has generated important insights into what drives radicalisation but also what constrains it. The findings suggest that the situated knowledge of actors in radical(ising) milieus might be utilised to prevent and counter extremism.

The DARE H2020 final event will be an opportunity for policymakers, practitioners and academics to engage with the research findings from the project and for dialogue between researchers and a wide range of stakeholders on how these findings might help inform new research and policy directions.


Themes for discussion include: the role of (in)equalities and online spaces in driving radicalisation; trajectories of radicalisation and non-radicalisation; and preventing and countering radicalisation.

Here You will find the programme (Dare-h2020.org) for the DARE H2020 Research-Policy-Practice online event with full details of all speakers.

More about DARE

Read more about the DARE project (H2020.org.)


University of Manchester, UK (coordinator of the DARE project).


Contact person at NOVA, OsloMet

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