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The role of universities in scaling for global success

All universities in Oslo connected to innovation and entrepreneurship are planning a common event at Oslo Innovation week for businesses and entrepreneurs looking for cooperation with universities, policymakers, university staff and students.

As part of Oslo Innovation Week, OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University, BI Norwegian Business School, the University of Oslo and Kristiania University College host this event in order to enable the audience to understand the general role of universities (education of students/talent, research and problem solver, innovation and society development), and evaluate how they individually, or their institution, can best cooperate with universities.

More about the event on Oslo Innovation Week's official site (

  • Programme

    13:00: Even Larsen from OsloMet will welcome everyone, letting each institution present themselves and highlight briefly why this event is important.

    13:20: Research presentation. The role of universities (education, research, innovation, dissemination) and why does universities exist?

    • Intro by Even Larsen, OsloMet
    • Education by Jens Petter Falck, University of Oslo
    • Research by Ingvild Reymert, OsloMet
    • Jørgen Veisdal, BI Norwegian Business School
    • Dissemination by Eivind Brevik, Kristiania University College

    13:50: The institutions answer these questions: What are we doing (education, research, innovation), what is working, and what do we want to do?

    14:15: Panel discussion:

    • Question 1: What does “Scaling for Global Success” mean for us as universities?
    • Question 2: How to develop tomorrows high quality jobs?
    • Question 3: How to include social and environmental impact for future jobs and scaling?

    14:35: Q&A from the audience

    14:50: Closing remarks from all institution: What is the next step?


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