SCANCOR PhD Workshop on Institutional Analysis

Welcome to the 19th SCANCOR Workshop on Institutional Analysis. The event is hosted by the Department of Political Science at the University of Oslo in collaboration with BI Norwegian Business School and Oslo Metropolitan University.

Oslo Business School is proud to offer doctoral courses with the most prominent international researchers in organisational theory.

At the SCANCOR PhD workshop on Institutional Analysis international faculty will present recent and ongoing research, the current state of institutional theory, and discuss future directions and methodological tools that deepen the institutional agenda. Special attention is given to contemporary social, political, and economic challenges as well as challenges of theorizing to understand institutional change. We approach these challenges from a wide range of theoretical lenses including temporal dynamics, power, world society, or social movement theory. For more information on the SCANCOR workshops and application for the afternoon sessions see the University of Oslo website (


In the public morning lectures international and local faculty will present and discuss research within the field of institutional theory. The lectures in the morning are open to the public and as such guests are welcome. Guests may also watch the lectures online, as we will be streaming them. As selected PhD participant you are required to participate in person.

Afternoon workshop sessions with international faculty are limited to the selected PhD participants. 

International teaching Faculty of the PhD Workshop

Local teaching Faculty of the PhD Workshop


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