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Study smart week

Need help with preparing for the exam or improving your study skills? Join the Study smart week!

In the Study smart week you can participate in useful and inspiring courses and events, either on campus or via Zoom. In addition to courses, free coffee and snacks are served in library P35, P32 and at Kjeller.

For the most part, the courses are held in Norwegian. To see the full list of courses switch to the Norwegian site in the top menu.

The courses are open to everyone, but remember to register where it is mandatory. These are the English speaking events:

Monday 25 September

11.00–11.45: Intro to Startpakka and free cake, in the cafeteria in P32. Drop in.

Tuesday 26 September

Wednesday 27 September

13.00–17.00: Guidance in academic writing and study skills at the Learning Support Centre, Library Kjeller.

Thursday 28 September

Friday 29 September