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Open lecture with Susan Wiksten

This year the annual DEMOCIT project meeting starts out with an exciting open lecture from Dr. Susan Wiksten at the University of California Los Angeles on global citizenship education.

A global market of education development has grown since the 1990s. As the circumstances and contexts of education change globally, there is both a need for shared references in teacher education as well as good reasons for contesting unitary efforts to implement policy goals. Specifically, shared global references for teacher education that can be used by teacher education programs, NGOs and civil society for responding to target 4c. of SDG 4.7 are needed.

In her lecture Dr. Susan Wiksten ( proposes guiding principles and outlines a teacher education curriculum for Global Citizenship Education (GCED) that can be adapted to low-income country contexts as well as high-income contexts. The lecture is based on her recent work published in Journal of International Cooperation in Education, as part of the knowledge hub for the International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030 (

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