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Bilde fra campus, med et lite EU-flagg klippet inn i hjørnet.

Final Conference: Youth Citizen Social Science contributing to social inclusion

The Horizon2020 project YouCount invites you to celebrate its Final Conference. This hybrid event is designed for academics, citizen science practitioners, youth and stakeholder organisations and policymakers interested in youth social inclusion.

Join the YouCount team in Brussels on December 4-5 or connect, from wherever you are, to participate. Participation is free.

YouCount’s researchers and young citizen scientists will present and discuss key insights and findings from the project with a wide array of stakeholders and policymakers working with science policy or social inclusion. Partners from other EU projects aiming to develop participatory citizen science in the social sciences will also be present.

The Final Conference will have a dynamic format involving interactive sessions, presentations and round-tables discussions. It also features a travelling exhibition co-created with young citizen scientists. The overall aim is to inspire knowledge and skills necessary for conducting hands on citizen social science (CSS). 

Read more about the conference on YouCount's EU page (youcountproject.eu).

Learning points

You can expect to learn about actual outcomes, costs- and benefits of co-creative citizen science, following YouCount’s aim of supporting citizen social science in research and innovation institutions and enhancing collaboration between science and society.

Moreover, the research team will showcase how Youth Citizen Social Science can contribute to new knowledge about drivers for social inclusion and discuss their implications, together with different approaches for working with local stakeholders to foster social innovation and inclusive policymaking.

How to navigate the conference?

In order to warm up ideas, a pre-seminar will take place in the Nordic house on Monday 4 December. The main focus will be on how to conduct Youth Citizen Social Science in practice, based on lessons learned from the project’s ten case studies.

You may then visit the travelling exhibition or wait until Tuesday December 5, to visit it at the Hotel Berlaymont, where the Final Conference will take place.

Preliminary program Tuesday December 5 

Session 1: Introduction to the YouCount project

Professor Alan Irwin will contextualise the project in his introductory speech about the history and future of citizen social science.

This will be followed by a presentation by the Project Adviser and Project Officer Katharina Buse from the Research Executive Agency (REA), relating YouCount to the overall ambition of the H2020 Science with and for Society programme. 

Session 2: Key findings and experiences related to the development, practices and evaluation of youth citizen social science

After presentations of key findings, in a roundtable discussion format, young citizen scientists, representatives from the European Commission, academia and related EU citizen science projects will reflect on how citizen social science can be further improved and supported.

Confirmed participants in the discussions are:

Session 3: Findings from YouCount on social inclusion and innovation - implications for social sciences and social and youth policymaking

Young citizen scientists, social scientists will share their perspectivs, including

Session 4: You Count’s overall impact and way forward in the European and international context. 

This session will feature

Some more highlights to look forward to


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