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The COVID-19 situation at OsloMet

1 February the Norwegian government eased the infection control measures surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

  • International students considering OsloMet

    You can find detailed information about how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting current admissions procedures (

    In addition, please make sure you are aware of any travel guidelines and recommendations maintained by your own country and home institution.

  • International applicants to open positions at OsloMet

    In spite of the ongoing worldwide pandemic, OsloMet is recruiting new academic and administrative staff, guest researchers and PhD’s internationally. As the strict entry restrictions to Norway have started to ease up, new employees and other visitors to OsloMet are able to enter the country in increasing numbers. 

    Fully vaccinated people and those who have had COVID-19 during the past six months are exempt from entry quarantine if they have valid documentation. The colour classification of the country you are travelling from will determine whether you will need to complete a travel quarantine and what rules you must follow when entering Norway. You can check the rules applying to the country you’re travelling from at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (

    In general, there are no longer any travel restrictions from countries within EU/Schengen and a set of countries outside the EU/Schengen (so-called pink countries) experiencing a low or moderate rate of infections. The country entry list is updated weekly. For travellers from other countries (referred to as grey countries), entry restrictions still apply but with some exceptions. 

    The OsloMet campuses are now open and it is possible to work from the office every day, but most departments offer the option of working some days from home. Many meetings and seminars are held digitally via Zoom or Teams. 

    More information related to planning your arrival in Oslo is available on the  Work for us section of our website

  • Media inquiries

    Contact a member of our media relations team