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New master’s programme in entrepreneurship

The programme launches in autumn 2022.

The new master’s degree programme in entrepreneurship aims to equip students with knowledge and skills to help drive change and innovation. 

The programme is designed to give you the skill set required to be a successful entrepreneur, whether you want to establish your own business or work with reorganisation and innovation in established organisations. Students enrolled in the programme will gain knowledge and practical experience that enable them to develop, test, adapt and commercialise new products and services that solve challenging problems – and to lead such processes from start to finish. 

Oslo Business School at OsloMet will offer the master’s degree programme from autumn 2022. 

The programme was developed in cooperation with the School of Business (Faculty of Social Sciences), the Institute of Computer Science (Faculty of Technology, Art and Design), Engage (Centre of Excellence in Education (SFU) at NTNU) and the Simula Garage. 

The new master's degree programme combines specialisations in various fields, such as entrepreneurship, innovation, research methodology, economics, business development and strategy. The teaching is structured to allow students to learn entrepreneurship through first-hand experience.  

Graduates from the master's degree programme will gain the expertise required to work with value-creating projects in interdisciplinary teams and will be equipped to be agents for change in in their careers.

What are the admission requirements? 

You will be required to take an admission test to prove that you have a basic understanding of the discipline of entrepreneurship and the ability to apply this understanding to your previous academic studies. In addition to passing the admission test, applicants must meet the formal requirements for admission to master’s programmes at OsloMet.

Who is the programme right for?

The programme is aimed at holders of a bachelor’s degree who want to pursue further studies in practical entrepreneurship at the master's degree level. The composition of students from different academic backgrounds will diversity and interdisciplinarity, and, through the programme, students will experience how to develop value-creating projects, products and services in interdisciplinary teams.  

The master’s programme welcomes students with diverse academic backgrounds.  It is our belief that an interdisciplinary student group  will prove best equipped to solve some of society’s most complex problems. 

Programme structure

The programme comprises five mandatory courses:  

In addition, students can choose four elective courses worth ten credits each. To help students obtain the relevant knowledge for the fields they plan to work in, they will have the opportunity to choose elective courses from across OsloMet’s faculties.  

More information about the structure of the master’s programme will be published on the programme website in early 2022.  

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