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Picture of Barcode in Oslo. Photo from Pixabay.

New smart technology research centre for infrastructure, construction and mobility

OsloMet and Chongqing Smart City and Sustainable Development Academy (SCSDA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a research centre for smart infrastructure, construction and mobility.

The research centre will be at both Faculty of Technology, Art and Design (TKD) at OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University in Norway and at SCSDA in China.

The intention is to establish a centre where researchers and students can exchange ideas, present research achievements and transform them into social beneficial products and services.

‘This Memorandum of Understanding is important for our department for two reasons,’ says Hallgrim Hjelmbrekke, head of Department of Civil Engineering and Energy Technology at TKD, OsloMet (Oslo Metropolitan University).

Advanced research projects

‘One is to participate in advanced research projects hosted in China and be able to apply it to Norwegian conditions.’

Laboratories of high world class

‘The other reason is to gain access to laboratories of high world class and thereby make OsloMet more attractive as a research partner for the industry, and become an attractive academic workplace and preferred university for studies,’.

‘The research centre will be an engine for initiating Norwegian research projects with international research resources,’ says Hjelmbrekke.

Smart technology for construction of infrastructure, construction and smart mobility

The memorandum deals with development of smart technology for construction of both infrastructure and construction projects and will subsequently also include smart mobility. This is one of the focus areas for OsloMet.

‘All universities must have an international network as a basis for conducting cutting-edge research that is of importance to the society,’ Hjelmbrekke emphasizes.

Exchange agreements for students

‘We have also entered into exchange agreements with Chinese universities that can offer Norwegian students opportunities to take a part of their education within a globally leading technological environment.’ 

‘At the same time, we enter into agreements with European and American universities,’ says Hjelmbrekke.

Wants to create an international cooperation platform

Chongqing Smart City and Sustainable Development Academy (SCSDA) is a non-profit research academy located in Chongqing, China, that has already extend its European Offshore Innovation Centres in Germany and Belgium.

‘The development goal of the Academy is to create an international cooperation platform which promote international joint research and development, and also push transformation and integration of scientific and technological achievements,’ says Mrs. Chunli Ying, Dean for International Cooperation at SCSDA.

‘We can see from the last six months, that the Academy and TKD have already had a good cooperation foundation.’ 

‘Now the two parties have formally reached a strategic partnership, and will soon start to establish a physical platform of a Research Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Smart Facilities (SISF).’  

This platform aims to push R&D cooperation in the field of advanced technology as well as industrial applications, – Chunli Ying

(Illustration picture of Barcode in Oslo at the top. Photo: Sonja Balci.)

Picture from the signing seremony.

From the online signing ceremony, where also the 5th Engineering company of China Railway 16th Bureau Group took part.

Published: 02/04/2020 | Olav-Johan Øye