Laurence Habib talking with colleague

NORA.startup webinar on sustainable AI

On May 21st Laurence Habib attended the NORA.startup webinar to discuss sustainable artificial intelligence, and what we can do to make AI more sustainable.

The participants in the panel were Solve Sæbø, professor in statistics and prorector of education at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), Thomas Leira, co-founder at ( and our own Laurence Habib, professor/chair of the Department of Computer Science. 

Together they discussed both conceptual and practical issues related to sustainable artificial intelligence. 

– For example, we discussed how the division of sustainability in three different but overlapping areas (environmental, social and economic) can be useful in understanding what sustainable AI actually is, says Laurence Habib. 

They talked about how there is a big focus on using AI to support sustainability, but that there is a need to also include the sustainability of AI solutions, especially in terms of the environment.

– We also discussed how issues of equality, equity, inclusion, and diversity can be useful at all stages of AI development, not only at the implementation stage, but also in the design and planning stage. Those issues are important because too little attention is currently being given to aspects of AI that go beyond profitability and cost-effectiveness.

The full webinar is available at the NORA website (

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