Poster for the Bad Honnef Physics School: Deciphering with Chaos

School on Chaos Theory

Two NordSTAR members will lecture at the school on Chaos Theory this August, at the Bad Honnef Physical Centre in Germany.

The school titled “Deciphering with Chaos: Modeling and understanding complex phenomena with Chaos Theory” will take place from the 7th to the 12th of August 2022. The lecturers will overview the Chaos Theory and its applications in complex system modeling, data analysis, machine learning, and quantum computing. 

Professor Sergiy Denysov, leader of the Quantum Artificial Intelligence research area in NordSTAR, is part of the organization committee and will give a crash course on game-driven dynamics. Professor Pedro Lind, co-director of NordSTAR, will give a lecture on how to model complex processes with stochastic equations. 

The Bad Honnef Physical Centre is a famous scientific venue, located in a small town on the bank of the Rhine river. 

More information on the school and registration form is available on the Bad Honnef Physical Centre website (  

The participation fee is 200 €, which includes full board and lodging. 

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