Lothar Fritsch introducing the seminar series on the first event. Photo: Pedro G. Lind

Seminar series on privacy and security in AI

In 2022, NordSTAR (Nordic Center for Sustainable and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence Research) will run a series of seminars to highlight the role of security and privacy in trustworthy AI.

Algorithms that consume personal data or other types of sensitive information, either for training or as input signals, need to enforce the data owner’s interests, such as keeping training data private and confidential while training AI models. 

On May 9th, we held the first seminar in the NordSTAR seminar series on privacy and security.

In this seminar, titled "Privacy is Hard and Seven other Myths", Professor Jaap-Henk Hoepmann introduced the concept of privacy engineering and discussed common myths about data privacy and their resolution.

About the seminar series 

The NordSTAR seminar series on privacy and security presents renowned international researchers with expertise in topics such as information privacy, differential privacy, secure federated and distributed learning, and secure data sharing.

The seminar series is organised by Professor Lothar Fritsch, leader of the NordSTAR research area titled "Security, safety and reliability", and Associate Professor Hårek Haugerud. 

– Throughout the series, we will explore aspects of, and solutions to, data anonymisation, secure and private data sharing, and collaborative learning, training, and data analysis, says Professor Lothar Fritsch. 

NordSTAR is a Centre of Research Excellence in modern Artificial Intelligence (AI), hosted at the OsloMet AI Lab. The center aims to establish a new paradigm in AI basic research, so-called sustainable and trustworthy AI. 

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Published: 05/05/2022 | Maria Normann