Research groups

Group 1: Diversity and urban space

Diversity is fundamental to how we perceive of and live in the city. The concept of diversity offers a crucial starting point for the development of new knowledge about urban surroundings across the globe.

OsloMet aims to be an organic part of the urban environment that surrounds it and, therefore, it is only natural that the first research group in our centre will have its focus on diversity and urban space. The group leaders are Marianne Millstein and Aadne Aasland, both senior researchers at NIBR. 

Group 2: Diversity in schools and higher education 

Where Group 1 has its focus on diversity and urban environments, Group 2 turns the gaze “inward” and looks at diversity inside institutions of learning and research. The group leaders are Anne Birgitte Leseth, professor at SPS and Åse Røthing, professor at IST. 

Group 3: Diversity in health

There is arguably no sector in society where questions of diversity are more pressing than in the field of health and OsloMet has a strong commitment to excellent teaching of nurses. The group leaders are Mette Sagbakken, professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences and Benedikte V. Lindskog, associate professor at IST. 

Group 4: Diversity in labour market and working life

The fourth group in our centre will build on the great tradition that OsloMet has for research and teaching about the professions, the labour market and working life. The group leaders are Ida Drange and Cathrine Egeland , both research professors at AFI.

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Published: 23/03/2022 | OsloMet