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Temporary support for on-boarding Palestinian researchers at OsloMet for short stays

Rector has made funds available to give Palestinian researchers the possibility to resume their academic work at our university.


The main purpose of this temporary funding scheme is to give Palestinian researchers the possibility to continue their academic work in a safe environment. As a side effect this scheme will enable Palestinian researchers to further develop their network and explore possibilities for other job positions after the funding period is over.  

Who can apply?

Applicants must be units at Oslo Metropolitan University that have an existing collaboration with a Palestinian researcher. The unit must document that they have a researcher who can be a mentor for the guest researcher. The unit must also document it has a specific plan for the short-term stay and its conclusion, perhaps with a plan for a more long-term extension or solution.

For whom can a unit apply?

Units at Oslo Metropolitan University can apply for funds for Palestinian researchers who are registered in Gaza or the West Bank and thus have Palestinian identification numbers. Normally the requirement for SAR Scholars is that they have completed their doctorate (PhD), but Oslo Metropolitan University will also review candidates with a Master’s degree.  The Palestinian researcher must either have arrived in or is able to come to Norway.

What can a unit apply for?

The unit can apply for between NOK 200 000 and 400 000 per researcher. The sum is equivalent to approximately 3-6 months work. The researcher can continue their own research, participate in research projects at Oslo Metropolitan University, participate in applications for external funding and/or conduct distance education to Gaza/West Bank. 


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Published: 06/02/2024 |