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Diagnostic Technology and Improved Medicine (DIAMED)

The main goal of this research group is to develop new and more effective solutions in the fields of diagnostic technology and medicine.

This is an interdisciplinary research group with members from the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design.

We aim to use established technology and develop new and improved chemical and biochemical analysis methods and sensors for non-invasive measurement of biological parameters.  

Our research focuses are within the research areas of medical and diagnostic technology, biometry, structural chemistry, analytical chemistry, medicinal chemistry and molecular disease mechanisms.

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    • More about the research

      Results from our research may identify biological mechanisms and biomarkers for specific groups of diseases such as multiple sclerosis, depression, schizophrenia and autism.

      We also aim at developing new technology for rapid and accurate diagnostics, prognostics and drug-response surveillance.

      DIAMED offers research projects at the Bsc, MSc and PhD levels. Currently, DIAMED researchers supervise several master and PhD students.

    • Projects

      • Bioanalysis and metabolomics
      • Molecular mechanisms in multiple sclerosis