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Digital Innovation and Strategic Competence in Organizations (DISCO)

This research group aims to develop research-based knowledge about how new digital technologies are used and the organizational consequences of this use.

Digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), block chain, the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and the Augment Reality, are predicted to cause major changes across individual-, organizational- and societal levels of analysis. However, at present, there is limited research describing the use of these technologies, and as a consequence also limited strategic competence related to how work practices, organization and business models change when digital technology is introduced into organizations.

Presently, there is a lot of hype and speculation, and emerging research focus to a large degree on technological issues on the expense of enlightening the social complexity of the context in which technology is being used.

DISCO belongs to the Faculty of Social Sciences.

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      DISCO will do research on the use of technology, and in particular seek to identify how the organizations’ strategy and innovation processes are affected. OsloMet, as the first university in Norway, has initiated collaboration with IBM's Artificial Intelligence project (Watson).

      This collaboration can provide unique opportunities to study the use of this technology in organizations. This ambition involves an interdisciplinary approach. The research group is initiated as a collaboration between researchers at Oslo Business School and the Department of Information Technology at the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design. However, the research group also welcomes researchers from other OsloMet units.