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Infants and Toddlers Everyday Life in Early Childhood and Care

This research group addresses quality in everyday life for the youngest children in ECEC. In particular, we focus on the relations between children, staff and children, and the content the children experience.

Our present research has a wide scope from relations, vulnerable children, aesthetic subjects in toddler groups, reading for the very young ones and parents’ as stakeholders in ECEC. We emphasise ECEC groups as a group setting. Do children have opportunities to participate, experience sense of belonging and togetherness as a part of ECEC groups?

Our research focus on how relations between children and staff, between the children, and the content are intervened in the youngest children’s everyday life in ECEC. A central question is how the content may contribute to children’s well being, relations, togetherness, play and learning. The members represent different subject areas; education, drama and language. 

The group belongs to the Faculty of Education and International Studies.

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