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Quality of Life in Early Childhood Education

The research in the group particularly focus on didactics and pedagogical content knowledge, and working with children outdoor and in nature. It is directed towards qualification of teachers, professional competence and educational research.

Research interests include Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), diversity perspectives, international perspectives and also working with literacy (scientific literacy, physical literacy and food literacy).

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    • More about the Research Group

      The research on didactics and pedagogical content knowledge is directed towards our own teaching in the Early Childhood Teacher Education, as well as towards development of students’ didactical and pedagogical skills when working with children. 
      Several of the members in the group emphasize student involvement in the research. 

      Theoretical as well as empirical studies are conducted in collaborative projects between group members. Most of the studies are empirical. Most of them are qualitative studies, but several of the ongoing studies started with quantitative data, and have been developed qualitatively.

      • Six members for the natural sciences section
      • Five members from the physical movement section
      • One member from the pedagogy section
      • One member from the arts and crafts section
      • One member from the drama section