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Studies of Diversity in Professional and Public Life

As a multidisciplinary group of researchers, we explore the long-standing social science issue of how to reconcile cultural, social and religious diversity with an overarching requirement for a minimum of shared values.

From our respective disciplinary backgrounds, which include religious studies, philosophy, pedagogy, anthropology, history, sociology, and musicology, we address some overarching issues related to social integration through empirically grounded research.

This insistence on empirical anchoring allows us to critically approach notions of diversity, bringing out the interplay, friction, and frequently conflicts, between various principles of differentiation, including ethnicity, language, gender, religion, class, functionality and sexual orientation. Our inductive approach ensures that we do not shy away from insoluble dilemmas the research results have reference to, and can be applied in, fields of practice, particularly in the professional sectors of education and health.

The group belongs to the Faculty of Education and International Studies.

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    • More about the research

      The practical organisation of our group is directed towards publication, with meetings every six weeks, during which we read and comment upon the members' article manuscripts in various stages of development. In addition, we have a special seminar each semester dedicated to a particular topic that is introduced by external invitees who are leading scholars in the chosen field.

      We are also pleased to include a number of members without any formal OsloMet affiliation in our group.

    • Projects

      • MiPreg – Closing the Gaps in Maternity Care to Migrant Women in Oslo (Research Council of Norway, 2018-2022)
      • Intersecting Flows of Islamophobia (Research Council of Norway, 2019-22)