Studies of the Teaching Profession, Teacher Education and Education Policy (TEPEE)

This network pursues studies in interactions and tensions between research, policy and practice in the education sector.


This group belongs to the Centre for the Study of Professions (SPS) and studies interaction and tensions between different actors and levels in the education sector.

Development of teacher profession and education, in the past, present and future, in light of reforms and public management in the education sector, is a key research area for TEPEE.

Heads of research group

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Tine Sophie Prøitz ( from USN is the second head of this research group.

  • Members

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  • More about the research

    We focus on the body of knowledge underpinning the teacher profession, education policy and management in the field of education, emphasizing the coherence and discontinuity between the different areas.

    Educational research can be viewed as both management science and professional science. We are concerned with the tension between these two perspectives because it illuminates the interaction between levels and actors in the field of education, as well as challenges facing schools and teacher education.

    We take both a local, national and Nordic perspective in our research.

    TEPEE is an inter-institutional research group between OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University and the University of South-East Norway (USN).

  • Projects

    • Professional PhD for teachers, 2020
    • Renewed perspectives on research use in education (REPOSE), 2020-2024, financed by the Research Council Norway
    • Professional Actors’ work to retain students in upper secondary school (ProAct), 2020-2024, financed by the Research Council Norway
    • Evaluation of new decentralized competence model (EVAKOMP), 2019-2025
    • Inclusive Mathematics Teaching (IMat), 2019-2023, financed by the Research Council Norway
    • Education, learning, research – an evaluation study (ULF), 2018-2020

    Completed projects:

    • Learning outcomes in policy and practice (LoAPP), 2016-2019, financed by the Research Council Norway
    • Recruiting men to teacher education 1-7, 2019
    • Practices of data use in municipalities and schools (PraDa), 2014-2018, financed by the Research Council Norway
    • Legal compliance in the education sector, 2019
    • Evaluation of the teaching profession’s ethical council, 2018
  • PhD projects

    • Maiken Risan: Bridging the gap between teacher education and the teaching profession: The uses, benefits and challenges of hybrid educators.
    • Nora Kolkin Sarastuen: What characterizes the transition from vocational worker to vocational teacher (
    • Alessandra Dieudè: Subsidized private schools and public schools in Norway: a comparative study of the interpretation and enactment of recent learning outcomes-based policies.
    • Ana Lucia Lennert da Silva: The OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) and the teaching profession in Brazil and Norway.