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Changing professions? The impact of social and ethnic background on gender segregation in the professions and in professional education

Women and men often choose different educations. This results in a gender segregated educational system, which in turn is closely linked to gender segregation in the labour market.

This project aims to expand the knowledge on horizontal segregation in professional education and labour markets, and the link between gendered educational choices and social background, ethnicity, and grades.

To chart the impact of gender, social background, ethnicity, and grades on the recruitment to different professional programmes and professions over time, register data will be analysed. In order to understand more about how and why these dimensions play a role in shaping educational choices, a quasi-experimental technique (factorial survey experiment) will be applied. More specifically, this part of the projects seeks to answer whether youth, about to make educational choices for themselves, believe that men and women are fit for different educations and professions, and, if so, if these perceptions vary with gender, social background, and ethnicity.


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