Children’s Right to Participation (PARTICIPATION)

PARTICIPATION a collaborative knowledge project with ambitions to make groundbreaking steps in the understanding and implementation of children’s participatory rights.

PARTICIPATION is a collaborative knowledge project with ambitions to make groundbreaking steps in the understanding and implementation of children’s participatory rights. It is a partnership between researchers at the University of Bergen, DIPA-Centre, and four partners from the child protection system:

  1. The County Social Welfare Boards
  2. The Norwegian Courts and their Administration
  3. Bergen municipality and
  4. The Change Factory (Expert by Experience).

By bringing together different perspectives, knowledge, and experiences – and studying organizational practices, the primary objective of PARTICIPATION is to generate new knowledge, develop new measures, and build research expertise that enables society to address the challenge of children’s participation. 

The secondary objectives are to

  1. map and examine the exiting situation on children´s participation at three levels of the child protection system in Norway,
  2. find out what promotes and hinders decision makers involvement of children, by pursuing three explanatory dimensions – individual characteristics, organizational and institutional features, and features with the children, and
  3. develop and test new programs for the involvement of children, by building on the knowledge platform provided by the theoretical and empirical research.
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