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Assessment and Methods of Measurement (PHVIT9530)

PhD course

This course offers an overview and adopts a critical perspective of different types of mapping, testing, and evaluation of health-related activities at individual, group, and society levels.

  • Admission Requirements

    This course is primarily aimed at PhD candidates admitted to the PhD Programme in Health Sciences but is also open to other applicants. Admission requirements are a completed hovedfag, master's degree (120 credits) or equivalent qualification.

    The course can also be offered to students who have been admitted to the “Health Science Research Programme, 60 ECTS”, by prior approval from the supervisor and based on given guidelines for the research programme.

  • How to Apply

    See application process information for PhD courses.

    The application deadline is two months before the course starts.

  • Content

    Course period week 45 in 2020

    Candidates must write an essay based on a problem of their choice and discuss theoretical and research challenges associated with the use of one or multiple methods of measurement. The essay must consist of up to 5,000 words and must be submitted no more than 2 weeks after the end of the course.

    The course covers mapping, testing, and evaluating quality of life, mental health, physical health, functional ability, and disease mechanisms. It will take a critical look at the classification of measurement methods as disease-specific vs. generic, and self-reported vs. performance-based, as well as screening vs. diagnostics, quantitative vs. qualitative evaluation, and standardisation vs. individualisation.

  • Course Description

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    • Costs

      There are no tuition fees for this course.

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