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Bioinformatics with emphasis on analysis of high throughput sequencing data (PHVIT9560)

PhD course

The course will introduce students to basic bioinformatics including best practice when setting up and managing bioinformatics projects. The course covers introduction to high throughput sequencing technologies and will give students hands-on experience with the analysis of data from various sequencing platforms.

  • Course period

    Week 44 and 45, 2021.

    The course schedule for the autumn semester will be published in June. The course schedule for the spring semester will be published in December.

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  • Admission requirements

    This course is primarily aimed at PhD candidates admitted to the PhD Programme in Health Sciences but is also open to other applicants.

    General terms for admission to the course is a completed master's degree in molecular biology or equivalent qualification (e.g. completed MABIO4400)

  • How to apply

    See application process information for PhD courses.

    The application deadline is two months before the course starts. Application deadline: 1 October 2021.

  • Content

    The course consists of three weeks consecutive work that includes the following teaching methods: self-study including exercises/questionnaires related to background theory (one week), lectures and seminars (one week), and practical exercises in the use of different software programmes for analysis of HTS data (one week). The outcomes of the practical exercises in last week are discussed in plenary sessions.

    Applications that are included in the practical part are processing of raw data reads, control of quantity and quality of data (FASTQC), expression analysis of small RNA sequencing data (miRNA) and transcriptome sequencing/microarray (mRNA-seq, cDNA) data, and detection of variation (e.g. SNPs) after resequencing (variant calling).

    All obligatory exercises must be completed to take the final exam. The final exam is a written examination with invigilation, 4 hours. One internal and one external examiner will assess the answer papers submitted by all candidates.

  • Course description

    For more information about this course, take a look at the course description (

  • Costs

    There are no tuition fees for this course.

Questions about this course?

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