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Complex Stimulus Control – Research and Application (PHBA8240)

PhD course

Stimulus equivalence - theory, research and possible applications. Alternative interpretations of equivalence relations. The course is strongly research focused.

  • Admission Requirements

    This course is primarily aimed at PhD candidates admitted to the PhD Programme in Behaviour Analysis but is also open to other applicants. Admission requirements are a completed hovedfag, master's degree (120 credits) or equivalent qualification.

  • How to Apply

    See application process information for PhD courses.

    The application deadline is two months before the course starts.

  • Content

    Course period: week 35 and 36 in 2020

    Students are required to read and criticize selected papers with the objectives of offering alternative explanations of the findings. They will design and execute an experiment, and write a report of their findings, discussing theoretical interpretations.

    Students will produce several reaction papers (3 - 4 pages double spaced), and a final presentation of one central theme from the course.

  • Course Description

    For more information about this course, take a look at the course description (

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    • Costs

      There are no tuition fees for this course.

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