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Systematic Reviews and Metaanalyses (PHVIT9550)

PhD course

This course offers an overview of the use of systematic reviews, the method of systematic reviews, qualitative evidence synthesis (QES) and meta-analysis and how to critically appraise a systematic review or QES.

  • Admission Requirements

    This course is primarily aimed at PhD candidates admitted to the PhD Programme in Health Sciences but is also open to other applicants. Admission requirements are a completed hovedfag, master's degree (120 credits) or equivalent qualification.

    The course can also be offered to students who have been admitted to the “Health Science Research Programme, 60 ECTS”, by prior approval from the supervisor and based on given guidelines for the research programme.

  • How to Apply

    See application process information for PhD courses.

    The application deadline is two months before the course starts.

  • Content

    Course period: The course will be run as a six day course over a period of three months in November, Desember and January 2020-2021

    The course will focus on systematic reviews of qualitative and quantitative studies, and will be partly organized as parallel sessions. Healthcare decisions for individual patients and for public health policies should be informed by the best available research evidence. The evidence comes from good reviews which is a state-of-the-art synthesis of current evidence on a given research question. Systematic reviews and meta-analyses play an important role in clinical guidelines, patient information, in clinical and political decision-making and in an evidence-based practice. A systematic review can also play an important role in a PhD Thesis by providing an overview of the thesis topic.

    Each candidate must plan and write a protocol of a systematic review based on a research question of their choice. The protocol must consist of all the elements of a systematic review, and be submitted no more than 6 months after the first day of the course.

  • Course Description

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      There are no tuition fees for this course.

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