A new PhD programme in Social Science

From 1 July 2021 this doctoral program will be discontinued. A new doctoral program in Social Sciences is established where social work and social policy constitute one of four specializations. See link to the new program below.

Social Work and Social Policy


This PhD programme is interdisciplinary in the sense that it is based on contributions from several disciplines within Social Science and Humanities. The programme is characterised by methodological and theoretical pluralism. At the same time, emphasis is put on giving the individual PhD candidates great specialisation possibilities.

  • New PhD programme

    Here you find the new  PhD programme in Social Sciences.

  • About the programme

    This programme contributes to an historical, social and cultural analysis of the phenomena that are to be explored, in addition to emphasising an international and comparative perspective. This also applies to research on the relationship between social workers and their clients and the framing and implementation of social policy programmes.

    The connection between social work and social policy makes it possible to investigate how measures and decisions affect people’s everyday life, living conditions and quality of life in different stages and lifestyles, and how the individual’s situation must be viewed in the light of socio-political conditions. In this perspective, social work and social policy are mutually enriching.

    The programme consists of a learning component / course component (35 ECTS credits) and a research component (145 ECTS credit).

  • Programme description

    For more information about this PhD programme, take a look at the programme description (student.oslomet.no).

  • Career

    OsloMet has the leading research environment within social work in Norway.  Social work is a core subject for child welfare officers, social and welfare workers.

    Social work includes child welfare and social education. These three professions are described as social work. The combination of social work and social policy is a new construction and this PhD programme will be the only PhD degree in Norway with this composition.

    There is an increasing demand for Associate Professors both for teaching and research positions at universities and university colleges, and for research positions in social work and social policy at research institutes. There is a demand for new knowledge and understanding in this academic field.

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