Specialisation: Art and Design Education (ESTU3000)

Bachelor's course
For exchange students

This course promotes practical and theoretical knowledge about art and design in an educational context. Different techniques and materials are introduced and explored through workshops and lectures. The course comprises four periods: Drawing and Painting, Architecture and the Built Environment, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Development Project/Exam Project.

  • Admission requirements

    You must have completed the first and second year of Teacher Training in Art and Design. Other equivalent education at college or university level may also be accepted.

  • How to apply

    International exchange students select courses when applying for exchange.

    Application deadline: 15 April.

  • Content

    • Drawing and Painting – theory and practice . This period focuses on different 2-dimentional expressions within drawing, painting, colour and composition, through theory and practice.
    • Architecture and the Built Environment. This period aims to give practical and theoretical knowledge about the built environment, in an educational and societal perspective.
    • Innovation and Entrepreneurship. This period is about the pedagogical methods that stimulates creativity and innovative thinking, and the development of ideas in a marked related context.
    • Development Project/Exam Project. In this period, you are expected to specialise within a chosen topic. You can either attend a course offered at the department or develop a specific research question as a starting point for an individual project. A supervisor must approve the research question.
  • Teaching methods

    • studio work
    • workshops
    • lectures
    • self-study
    • group work

    Different teaching methods for supervision and assessment are used throughout the course, and creative and explorative work is emphasised.

    The different modules must be regarded as a whole. Not all aspects relating to the different modules will necessarily be covered at lectures and workshops. You are expected to study the course literature independently, and attend organised teaching and workshops.

  • Course description

    For more information about this course, take a look at the course description (student.oslomet.no).

  • Costs

    There is no semester fee for exchange students.

    Additional costs for materials will be announced.

Questions about this course?

Contact our administrative coordinator by e-mail if you have questions about this course.

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