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Anita Schjølset

Anita Schjølset

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Anita Schjølset is the head of Section of Public Administration and Governance at the Oslo Business School, OsloMet. She holds a PhD in International Relations from the University of Southern California (USC). As a senior researcher at the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) and adviser in the Norwegian Armed Forces, Schjølset worked on issues pertaining to women, peace and security in the armed forces and on mainstreaming gender in military operations. She is a member of numerous national and international academic networks related to gender issues, defence and security, and is an internationally recognized scholar and teacher on these topics. Her work is published in policy briefs, journals such as in International Interactions and in text books such as Gender i Forsvaret: Fra teori til praksis. Her research interests include gender perspectives on organizarion and leadership issues.

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Vitenskapelige publikasjoner

Olsson, Louise; Schjølset, Anita; Müller, Frida (2015). Women's participation in international operations and missions. Gizelis, Theodora-Ismene; Olsson, Louise (Red.). Gender, Peace and Security: Implementing UNSCR 1325. Routledge.

Schjølset, Anita (2014). Gender i Forsvaret. Fra teori til praksis. ISBN: 978-82-7935-349-2. 332 s. Abstrakt forlag.

Schjølset, Anita (2013). Data on Women's Participation in NATO Forces and Operations. International Interactions. Vol. 39.

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