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Albert Lau

Albert Lau

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Cai, Xiaopei; Zhang, Qian; Zhang, Yanrong; Wang, Qihao; Luo, Bicheng; Yang, Guotao; Lau, Albert (2021). Deformation Law and Control Limit of CRTSIII Slab Track under Subgrade Frost Heave. 22 s. Applied Sciences . Vol. 11.

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Zihua, Pan; Wei, Qingchau; Torp, Olav; Lau, Albert (2019). Influence of Evacuation Walkway Design Parameters on Passenger Evacuation Time along Elevated Rail Transit Lines Using a Multi-Agent Simulation. Sustainability . Vol. 11.

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Lau, Albert; Kassa G, Elias (2016). Simulation of vehicle-track interaction in small radius curves and switches and crossings. Pombo, João (Red.). PROCEEDINGS OF THE THIRD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON RAILWAY TECHNOLOGY: RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND MAINTENANCE. Chapter 126.

Cai, Xiaopei; Lau, Albert; Zhao, Lining; Tan, Shiyu; Cui, Rixin (2015). Analysis of vehicle dynamic behavior under ballasted track irregularities in high-speed railway. Noise & Vibration Worldwide . Vol. 46.

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