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Gagan Chhabra

Gagan Chhabra

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Chhabra, Gagan (2020). Social Resilience in the Labour Market: Learning from Young Adults with Visual Impairments in Oslo and Delhi. Young - Nordic Journal of Youth Research . Vol. 1.

Chhabra, Gagan (2020). Insider, Outsider or an In-Betweener? Epistemological Reflections of a Legally Blind Researcher on Conducting Cross-National Disability Research. Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research .

Chhabra, Gagan (2020). Two factors, one direction towards social regulation policy convergence: Learning from policy experts in Norway and India. Alter - European Journal of Disability Research . 10.1016/j.alter.2020.10.001

Chhabra, Gagan (2020). Turning a blind eye to employers’ discrimination? Attitudinal barrier perceptions of vision impaired youth from Oslo and Delhi. Disability & Society .

Chhabra, Gagan; Pérez, Maria Esther (2019). Modelos teóricos de discapacidad: un seguimiento del desarrollo histórico del concepto de discapacidad en las últimas cinco décadas. Revista Española de Discapacidad. Vol. 7.

Chhabra, Gagan (2018). Two worlds, too apart to converge? A comparison of social regulation policies aimed at the employment of disabled people in Norway and India. Alter - European Journal of Disability Research .

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