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Magne Arve Flaten

Magne Arve Flaten

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Professional career
1987-1990 Stipend in somatic psychology from the Department of Biological and Medical Psychology, UiB.
1990-1994 Associate Professor of Experimental Psychology, Department of Psychology, UiT.
1994-1995 Fulbright Scholar, Neuroscience Laboratories, Veterans’ Hospital, Columbia, SC, USA
1994-1999 Professor of Biological Psychology, Department of Psychology, UiT.
1999-2000 Professor of Biological Psychology, Department of Psychology, NTNU.
2000-2013 Professor of Biological Psychology, UiT
2003-2004 Visiting researcher, Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit, School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD,
2005-2008 Dean of Research, Faculty of Social Science, UiT
2008-2013 Head, Department of Psychology, UiT
2010-2016 Professor II, Department of Health, Sogn og Fjordane College
2013-2017 Head, Department of Psychology, NTNU
2018-2019 Head, Department of Historical Studies, NTNU
2019- Head, Department of Behavioral Science, Oslo Metropolitan University

Vitenskapelige publikasjoner

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Daniali, Hojjat; Flaten, Magne Arve (2021). Experiencing COVID-19 symptoms without the disease: The role of nocebo in reporting of symptoms. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health .

Daniali, Hojjat; Flaten, Magne Arve (2021). What Psychological Factors Make Individuals Believe They Are Infected by Coronavirus 2019?. Frontiers in Psychology .

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Andersen, Tonje Grønning; Fiskum, Charlotte; Aslaksen, Per M; Flaten, Magne Arve; Jacobsen, Karl Henry (2019). Internalizing problems and attentional control: Effects on cardiac autonomic responses after the induction of negative affect. Journal of Psychophysiology .

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