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Nikhil Bagalkot

Nikhil Bagalkot

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P.S., Pavan; Keprate, Arvind; Bagalkot, Nikhil; P, Sivasankar (2022). Predicting performance of in-situ microbial enhanced oil recovery process and screening of suitable microbe-nutrient combination from limited experimental data using physics informed machine learning approach. Bioresource Technology . Vol. 351.

Bagalkot, Nikhil; Keprate, Arvind; Orderløkken, Rune (2021). Combining Computational Fluid Dynamics and Gradient Boosting Regressor for Predicting Force Distribution on Horizontal Axis Wind Turbin. Vibration . Vol. 4.

Bagalkot, Nikhil; Keprate, Arvind (2021). Machine Learning Approach to Estimate the Diffusion Coefficient of CO2 in Hydrocarbons. ASME, Digital Collection (Red.). ASME 2021 40th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering Volume 10: Petroleum Technology. OMAE2021-62407. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

Hamouda, Aly; Bagalkot, Nikhil Lakshmish (2019). Effect of Salts on Interfacial Tension and CO2 Mass Transfer in Carbonated Water Injection. 17 s. Energies . Vol. 12.

Bagalkot, Nikhil Lakshmish; Hamouda, Aly; Isdahl, Ole Morten Robertsen (2019). Influence of silica nanofluid on CCO2 mass transfer and hydrocarbon property alteration in a carbonated water-hydrocarbon system. Defect and Diffusion Forum . Vol. 390.

Bagalkot, Nikhil Lakshmish; Hamouda, Aly Anis (2018). Interfacial tension and CO2 diffusion coefficients for a CO2 + water and n-decane system at pressures of 10 to 160 bar. RSC Advances . Vol. 8.

Hamouda, Aly Anis; Bagalkot, Nikhil Lakshmish (2018). Experimental Investigation of Temperature on Interfacial Tension and its Relation to Alterations of Hydrocarbon Properties in a Carbonated Water/ Hydrocarbon System. International Journal of Chemical Engineering and Applications (IJCEA) . Vol. 9.

Bagalkot, Nikhil Lakshmish; Kumar, G. Suresh (2018). Colloid transport in a single fracture-matrix system: Gravity effects, influence of colloid size and density. Water . Vol. 10.

Bagalkot, Nikhil Lakshmish; Hamouda, Aly Anis (2018). Diffusion coefficient of CO2 into light hydrocarbons and interfacial tension of carbonated water-hydrocarbon system. Journal of Geophysics and Engineering . Vol. 15.

Bagalkot, Nikhil Lakshmish; Hamouda, Aly Anis; Isdahl, Ole Morten Robertsen (2018). Dynamic interfacial tension measurement method using axisymmetric drop shape analysis. MethodsX . Vol. 5.

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