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Øystein Winje

Øystein Winje

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Lee, Eun-Young; de Lannoy, Louise; Li, Lucy; de Barros, Maria I. A.; Bentsen, Peter; Brussoni, Mariana; Fiskum, Tove Anita; Guerrero, Michelle; Hallås, Bjørg Oddrun; Ho, Susanna; Jordan, Catherine; Leather, Mark; Mannion, Greg; Moore, Sarah A.; Hansen Sandseter, Ellen Beate; Spencer, Nancy L. I.; Waite, Susan; Wang, Po-Yu; Tremblay, Mark S.; Winje, Øystein (2022). Play, Learn, and Teach Outdoors—Network (PLaTO‑Net): terminology, taxonomy, and ontology. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity . Vol. 19.

Winje, Øystein; Løndal, Knut (2021). ‘Wow! is that a birch leaf? In the picture it looked totally different’: a pragmatist perspective on deep learning in Norwegian ‘uteskole’. Education 3-13: International Journal of Primary, Elementary and Early Years Education .

Winje, Øystein; Løndal, Knut (2021). Theoretical and practical, but rarely integrated: Norwegian primary school teachers’ intentions and practices of teaching outside the classroom. Journal of Outdoor and Environmental Education (JOEE) . Vol. 24.

Winje, Øystein; Løndal, Knut (2020). Bringing deep learning to the Surface: A systematic mapping review of 48 years of research in primary and secondary education. Nordic Journal of Comparative and International Education (NJCIE) . Vol. 4.

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