Street-Level Bureaucrats and Organisations (PHDPR9100)

Enkeltemne ph.d.

The street-level bureaucracy perspective addresses the present question of what happens when politics meets reality. In different welfare state context as well as different policy areas answers to this question are important to search for. Street-level organizations (SLOs) form the operational centre of the welfare state, operating at the interface between policies on the page and policies in practice. The study of SLOs is at the cutting edge of new policy and management research that is investigating the development and implementation of social and labour market policy.

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     Lipsky, Michael (2010): Dilemmas of the Individual in Public Services. 30th anniversary expanded ed. (275 pages)

    Brodkin, Evelyn (2012): Reflections on Street-level Bureaucracy. Public Administration Review (10 pages) 

    Brodkin, Evelyn (2008): Accountability in Street-Level Organizations. International Journal of Public Administration, 31:317-336. (19 pages)

    Molander, Anders (2016): “Discretion in the Welfare State - Social Rights and Professional Judgment, Routledge (90 pages)

    Bernardo Zacka (2017): When the State Meets the Street - Public Service and Moral Agency, Harvard University Press. (320 pages)

    Maynard-Moody Steven and Michael Musheno (2003): Cops, Teachers, Counselors Stories from the Front Lines of Public Service (216 pages)

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