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Diversity and inclusion – gender equality

Four happy students dressed in summer outfits balancing barefoot in a fountain in central Oslo, Norway.

Why do we work on diversity?

OsloMet is subject to the purpose of the Equality and Anti-Discrimination Act: To promote equality and prevent discrimination on all grounds. The university’s work to promote diversity is based on the sector goals and allocation letter issued by the Ministry of Education and Research as well as on OsloMet’s Strategy 2024. The university board has also decided that OsloMet will commit to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including Goal 5: Achieve equality. 

OsloMet’s work on diversity is, however, about more than just a duty to meet legal requirements. Diversity is one of the university’s core values ‘because it is considered an important resource at OsloMet, and we believe that diversity of background and experience among staff and students is a strength in developing research and education in a society and region that are becoming increasingly diverse’ (Strategy 2024).

From gender equality to diversity 

The university takes as its point of departure the expanded equality concept, diversity. Equality has traditionally been about gender equality to guarantee women and men equal rights and opportunities. However, gender is only one of several inequality dimensions in society. Prejudices, obstacles and keys to development can be complex, and this complexity should and must be taken into account by OsloMet.   

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