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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored locally on your computer and is a standard technology that almost all websites use. 

Most browsers are set to automatically accept cookies, but you can choose to change these settings in your browser if you prefer. 

The revised Electronic Communications Act (sections 2-7b) require that we provide information on how we use cookies on If we have informed about what cookies we use, what information we use and the purpose of using the information, the setting in your browser is considered your consent to using cookies. See at the bottom of this page if you want to withdraw your consent or change your browser settings. 

Why does OsloMet use cookies? uses cookies to generate usage data for analytics purposes, queries about and to offer customized advertisements (retargeting) on Google, Facebook and Twitter. 

The data is used to improve our website, as well as to assess the impact of marketing on other digital platforms. For each page you visit, the following information is stored on our servers:

Your IP address is anonymized and cannot be linked to your person. The address is only used for system error troubleshooting, and all traffic data is deleted after six days.

How to access data stored about you

  • Facebook Pixel

    We use Facebook's pixel – which measures traffic between Facebook and our website. We use the data collected by the pixel to deliver customized content to those who visit our website and for marketing on Facebook. Facebook pixel is added through Google Tag Manager. 

    Read more about how Facebook determines exactly what ads you get.

    Read Facebook's privacy policy and learn how to prevent Facebook from registering your behavior pattern.

  • LinkedIn Pixel

    We use advertising through LinkedIn's platform. Cookies are used so that advertising can target user groups based on visitor patterns.

    LinkedIn's cookie and pixel policy

  • Facebook pages uses Facebook pages to communicate with external audiences and to be able to access Facebook's advertising platform. Facebook collects personal information from everyone who visits OsloMets Facebook pages, both those who are logged in with a Facebook profile and those who visit the pages without being logged in. Facebook does this by installing cookies in your browser. 

    Facebook gives access to visitor statistics from our Facebook pages so that we can analyze how our content (posts, videos, articles, etc.) is viewed and used. We can also set up ads based on user profiles that have visited our pages. does not disclose or sell personal data we access through Facebook. 

    Read more about Facebook cookies and about what personal information that is stored.

  • Google

    We use a Google script to create and deliver marketing campaigns in Google's ad network. We collect data about what pages you visit on, the cookie in your browser, and the settings you have selected in Ad Settings.

    Google records websites and apps that you have visited that belong to businesses that advertise with Google, previous interaction with ads or advertising services from Google and your Google profile. does not connect your name or personally identifiable information with your cookie without your consent. We also do not connect your cookie with sensitive information such as ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or health, without your consent.

  • Google Tag Manager

    OsloMet use Google Tag Manager to organize and manage scripts at

  • Siteimprove

    Siteimprove is a tool we use to improve the quality of our web site (for example, broken links, bad spelling and accessibility). It also has an analytics module that uses the following cookie:

    • nmstat
      • This cookie contains a randomly generated ID that is used to recognize your browser when you read a page. It collects statistics on the use of, which is placed when the user last visited the website. The cookie does not contain any personal information and will only be useful for web analysis. 
  • Sitetester

    These are cookies that are used in connection with a survey we make at The survey asks the user what he or she thinks about our website and comes in the form of a popup box. The company Espace Communication is responsible for the tool, and the reason we use cookies is to prevent users from getting queries more than once every three months.

    The survey identifies users as unique but as an anonymous individual. This allows the supplier to keep track of how many people visit the site. uses the following cookies from Sitetester:

    • Sitester_Nth1750
      • This is used to show the survey for every third visitor. The cookie is stored under session until the browser closes. 
    • Sitester_Referrer1750
      • This is used to register the page you were on (at before coming to the page that shows the survey. The cookie is stored during the session until the browser is closed. 
    • Sitester_ActiveUserId1750
      • This utility is used to determine if you are active on the site, so that the survey only shows up with active users.
    • Sitester_DelayId1750
      • This is used to ensure that the survey only shows up after two minutes. It gets deleted after this.
    • Sitester_ExposedDateTimeId
      • This is stored when a survey has been created so that it does not appear again until after three months. 
  • Snapchat uses Snapchat to communicate with external audiences and to access Snapchat's advertising platform. By visiting OsloMet's website, Snapchat installs a cookie in the browser so that OsloMet can set up targeted advertising. does not disclose or sell personal data we access through Snapchat.

    Read more about Snapchat cookies and about what personal information that is stored.

  • Third party requests

    Third party requests are a query made by a user to an external service provider which in adjudication is also judged by social media widgets.

    Although these queries have not set cookies in your browser, they can still transmit information to the third party.

How do I remove cookies in my browser?

Follow Norton's guide to learn how to clear cookies in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and other browsers.

To delete and remove the possibility of having cookies stored, the advertising platforms we use provide the following information:

How to delete all data about me? 

If you want to delete all data about you at OsloMet, contact

Do you want to delete pictures or videos of yourself from our website or on social media? Contact

Do you have more questions about cookies?