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University Library

The libraries at campus Kjeller and Pilestredet are open for students and employees at OsloMet.

  • Lending rules and overdue fines

    • Lending rules

      Library card

      For students and staff members at OsloMet, the student ID card/admission card is also your library card. Others can use a national library card, or we can issue a library card (bring a photo ID). If you do not bring your library card, you need to show another type of photo ID.

      Address changes

      Students change their address via Studentweb (, others have to contact the University Library.

      Loan periods

      You are personally responsible for the items you borrow and for returning them within the due dates. If you do not return your loans within the due date you will get an overdue fine.

      • Books, student papers etc.: three weeks
      • Journals: one week
      • Films: one week
      • AV equipment (only at Library P48, Pilestredet): one week
    • Overdue fines and compensation

      Overdue fines - late return of items

      OBS! You will not receive any overdue fines as long as the libraries are closed or have reduced services. Please contact us by e-mail if you have received overdue fines during this period.

      The library will send you a reminder one day before the item is due.

      Patrons with outstanding fees or overdue loans are not eligible to borrow books or other items from the library. Full access to all library services will be reinstated as soon as the fees are paid in full and the item are returned to the library.

      Compensation - lost or damaged items

      You are responsible for the items you borrow. If the items are not returned after you receive the 3rd notice, you will be liable to pay a fee according to the following rates:

      • Books: 700 NOK (or higher if the book is more expensive than 700 NOK)
      • Journals : 200 NOK
      • CD: 200 NOK
      • Video/DVD: 500 NOK
      • Items belonging to other libraries: rates according to the lending library

      You may also choose to provide the library with a replacement copy of the missing item. If a replacement copy is provided the fee will be waived.

      Pay the fee here (

      Failure to receive a notice does not cancel obligations to pay fines or fees.

    • Order, reserve and renew

      All students must find the books they want to borrow on the shelves. However, you may reserve/order books that are on loan or not available on your campus. The book will then be reserved or ordered from another library, and you will receive a text message or an e-mail when you can collect the book at the University Library.

      External users can only reserve items belonging to the University Library, i.e. they cannot order items from other libraries.

      Loan renewal

      If an item is not requested by another user, you can normally renew  the same item up to five times. 

      You can renew your loans by signing in to Oria ( using your OsloMet username and password (FEIDE). If you do not have FEIDE credentials please contact the library for help. External users and students from other institutions must contact the library to renew their loans.

  • Newspapers, dictionaries and encyclopedias


    Atekst (
    Swedish, Danish and Finnish-Swedish newspapers: Choose the source you want to search next to the search button.
    Norwegian newspapers: We no longer have access to Atekst articles as our quota has been used up. Students and academic staff who have a documented academic need can apply for access by filling out an application form in Norwegian (

    Pressreader (
    Access to a variety of newspapers and magazines from around the world. In addition to reading the newspapers on a daily base, you can access the archive with editions from the last 90 days. Approx. 2200 newspapers and magazines from 58 countries are included. For example Dagbladet, Aftenposten, The Washington Post, Daily Mail, Newsweek, The Guardian, Forbes, Svenska Dagbladet and Politiken.

    For off-campus access, download the Pressreader app when you're at campus. You may need to renew your access once a week. Just reopen the app on a hot spot (a map is provided in the app).

    Dictionaries (
    Digital dictionaries with access to 6 languages (Norwegian, English, German, French, Italian and Spanish) and within the subjects technology, economy and medicine.

    Oxford English Dictionary (
    A guide to the meaning, history, and pronunciation of 600,000 words - past and present - from across the English-speaking world.

    Bokmålsordboka og Nynorskordboka ( 
    Norwegian dictionaries, free of charge.

    The LEXIN dictionaries (
    The first web-based dictionaries that are made especially for minority language immigrants in Norway. The dictionaries are clearly set out and easy to use. Free of charge.

    Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid (
    Free of charge.

    TVÄRSLÅ ( 
    A dictionary for the Nordic languages.

    General encyclopedias

    Store norske leksikon (
    The largest encyclopedia in Norway, free of charge. 

    Encyclopedia Britannica (
    Online edition is free of charge and includes a selection from the complete encyclopedia.

    Allkunne (
    A nynorsk (one of Norway's two official written languages) digital encyclopedia. Texts about the nynorsk cultural history. May also include other subjects in future releases.

  • OsloMet student theses, films, journals, reports, e-learning courses etc.

    Scientific articles, book chapters, doctoral and master theses

    Open Digital Archive - ODA ( is the digital repository of research conducted at OsloMet. The repository contains a selection of the scientific articles, book chapters, doctoral and master theses produced at OsloMet.

    Student theses, reports and curricular learning objects

    In ODA ( you will find reports, curricular learning objects and student theses with grades A and B, produced at OsloMet. 

    Video recordings of lectures and events etc.

    In FilMet ( (in Norwegian only) you will find most of the films produced by the University Library's AV Services and more.

    Publishing reports and dissertations etc.

    Skriftserien ( (in Norwegian only).

    Open Access journals

    The University Library offers a publishing solution for Open Access journals published at OsloMet (

    Digital courses/textbooks

    Bokskapet ( is an online publisher of academic learning material on Open edX. Access is free and open to all under creative commons licensing. Log on using your FEIDE username and password, or create a personal account.