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Our services

  • Film, sound and image production

    Video production

    We produce documentaries, information campaigns and educational films for both in house and external clients. We also help students and teaching staff with their own projects either as advisers or as producers.


    Streaming - live TV

    We can help you stream, record, and publish conferences, lectures and other events.

    Note: Live streaming productions are resource-intensive, please contact us at least three weeks in advance of the event. You must sign a production agreement with us before production can be initialized.



    We can assist you with simple photography tasks, and offer easy introductions to camera equipment and photo editing software. For borrowing equipment like cameras, order via Oria.


  • Studio facilities

    Recording studio P48, “Frydenlyd”

    This is a recording and post-production studio for audio and sound design.

    In our studio we can help you with simple voice recording or more complex multi-track recording and mixing.

    Note: The use of the studio facilities requires an audio engineer from our staff.


    TV studio, “Frydenlys”

    This 657ft2 Film stage is located in Pilestredet 48, 2nd floor. It is available by appointment, for students and staff at OsloMet. It features rails for black-box, white and green screen curtains, as well as a suspended ceiling lighting grid. Easy to use film lamps can be supplied on request.

    Note: In the fall semester this studio doubles as a classroom and film production facilities for our film students. This may limit access.



    Teaching and administrative staff at OsloMet can use Studio48 to make video recordings of interviews, presentations (with or without PowerPoint), speeches, introductions, etc.

    Studio48 is staffed with a technician.

    Note: You have to book the studio in advance:


    D.I.Y. studio

    Staff at OsloMet can book and use our “selfie”studio. Here you can make your own video presentations using your own computer combined with available equipment (camera and microphone). The generated file can be edited in any modern video editing software.

    Note: You have to book the studio in advance.


    Podcast studio

    A new feature in our studio portfolio is a small podcast studio, enabling1-4 persons to record podcast episodes. The room contains a controller unit, Rødecaster PRO, four microphones and four headsets.

    Note: You have to book the studio in advance. Bring your own microSD-card.


  • Purchase of video and audio equipment

    Our knowledgeable staff can provide assistance with the planning and purchase of audiovisual equipment for departments and faculty staff at OsloMet.


  • Sound for events

    Do you need a sound system for special lectures or cultural events?

    We can offer different solutions, please contact us for more information.

    Note: For logistical reasons, please contact us at least 14 days before the event.


  • Lending out audiovisual equipment

    AV equipment (“AV-utlånet” in Norwegian) is located on the ground floor in Pilestredet 48.

    Students and employees at OsloMet may book in advance and borrow audiovisual equipment for school related projects. Use the library portal Oria to reserve equipment for your project ( or just drop by the IT/AV counter and pick up what you need. Remember that it is a first come, first served kind of deal, so plan ahead. Information about how to book and pre-order AV equipment.

  • FilMet

    In FilMet (, in Norwegian, but with English videos too) you will find video recordings of lectures, tutorials, conferences and other events. 


Send us an email:

The AV Services offer guidance and advise concerning use of AV equipment (sound/video/camera/phone) while working from home or at campus. Not everything can be fixed remotely, of course, but more than one might think. We have a lot of experience in helping employees with their equipment. If you are having problems with your AV equipment, please contact us.

Do you need help setting up IT and AV technical equipment at meeting rooms and auditoriums? Contact Auditoriehjelpen (