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OsloMetX (formerly Bokskapet) is OsloMet's digital publishing company. We publish and maintain digital learning resources. It can either be complete digital textbooks in different subject areas or less extensive courses that deal with all or parts of topics.

OsloMetX works closely with the academic communities on the development of digital textbooks. We offer training in remediation and digital production, which forms the basis for open sharing and flexible reuse of learning resources. In the PISA course (, in Norwegian), the focus is on a holistic transformation of topics.

When a textbook is completed, it is published openly, for the benefit of students, the academic environment, the field of practice, and working life. OsloMetX assists the individual editorial staff in the further development of already published textbooks, as well as the development of new ones. The textbooks are free, and you log in with Feide or create a personal account.

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Why should I, as a student, use OsloMetX?

Genre development in academia

Genres within music, film, and literature are constantly evolving. New ones emerge, and mixing occurs. OsloMetX works with genre development in academia. Digital textbooks are a new genre, a new type of textbook that is dynamic and interactive. A need was created by an increased focus on digitization and student-active learning.


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Published: 15/11/2019 | Universitetsbiblioteket