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Terje Lindblom

Terje Lindblom


Terje Lindblom will become the new teacher in photojournalism at OsloMet from the 1st of June, 2023. He comes previously from Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall, Sweden, where he held the position of Assistant Professor in Media & Communication with an emphasis on photojournalism. He will still have a research manager position in a research project at Mittuniversitetet until the end of 2023, during which he will study the changes in visual communication in Swedish's public sector after the introduction of GDPR.

Terje Lindblom also teaches photojournalism at the journalism education at Nord University in Bodø, Norway.

Terje Lindblom had a two-decade career as a photojournalist and journalist in the Swedish daily press before he started teaching photojournalism and journalism at Mid Sweden University.

In 2020, Terje Lindblom presented his Ph.D.-thesis titled "Behind the Pictures: Photojournalists and Photojournalism in a market-oriented Journalistic Field", in which he analyses the changes for photojournalism and the professional role of photojournalists in the Swedish newspaper media field.