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Public defense: Azza Hassan Mohamed Ahmed

Azza Hassan Mohamed Ahmed is defending her PhD in engineering with the thesis Control Principles for Autonomous Communication Networks.

Trial lecture is at 10.00. The title of the trial lecture is «The DNS ecosystem and its importance for the Internet.”

The disputation starts at 12.00.

The committee

The defense is led by Andre Brodtkorb.

Main supervisor is Ahmed Elmokashfi.

You can participate in the trial lecture and public defense digitally:

"Trial lecture and Public defense - Azza Hassan Mohamed Ahmed - Oslo Metropolitan University (

Passcode: 310523

Webinar ID: 619 2196 5866»


  • Summary

    The growing complexity of communication networks and the explosion of network traffic
    have made the task of managing these networks exceedingly hard. 

    A potential approach for striking this increasing complexity is to build an autonomous self-driving network that can measure, analyze and control itself in real time and in an automated fashion without direct human intervention. 

    In this thesis, we focus on realizing such autonomous networks leveraging state-of-the-art networking technologies along with artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. 

    Toward this goal, we exploit different learning paradigms to automate network management. First, we propose supervised machine learning methods to detect increases in delays in mobile broadband networks. 

    Further, considering the challenges of supervised learning in networking applications, we present a novel real-time distributed
    architecture for detecting anomalies in mobile network data in an unsupervised fashion.