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The Intelligent Health conference

Artificial intelligence brings endless opportunities, but can it contribute to tackling healthcare system challenges caused by a rapid aging population and an increase in complex diseases?

Registration is now open. It is possible to register for digital participation. The Intelligent Health conference is free.

Are you interested in how we can take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) in the healthcare sector?

At the Intelligent Health conference 2024 you will hear about the latest advancements, get insights, and be a part of discussions focused on AI in healthcare.

Together we will explore how 

Are you working within health and technology, and want to find solutions to the challenges in healthcare using AI? The Intelligent Health Conference 2024 is for you.

The Intelligent Health Conference is organized by:

Preliminary program

The program starts at 09:00 and ends at 17:00. 


Can AI make healthcare more efficient?

We will present interesting projects to illustrate where we are with AI in healthcare today. This session lasts from 10:00 to 13:00. 

Who is using AI today?

You will hear examples from the oncology ecosystem. This session lasts from 13:00 to 15:00. 

What are the challenges of implementing AI?

This session lasts from 15:00 to 17:00.

  • About the speakers

    • Arian Ranjbar

      Research group leader at “Artificial intelligence and medical informatics (AIM)”, Akershus University Hospital.

      Main research interests include machine learning, medical informatics and AI for healthcare. Currently working on the foundation for AI in healthcare, and applications in a variety of medical domains such as cardiology, oncology and psychiatry.

    • Arnoldo Frigressi

      Arnoldo Frigressi is professor at Integreat, University of Oslo.

      I work in statistical machine learning. I develop stochastic models that represent fundamental principles, dynamics, intricate patterns of dependence and mechanisms of the system to be understood or predicted.

      More recently, I study the inner working of machine learning algorithms. I prefer the Bayesian approach, but many of my projects are likelihood based. I am developing methods that inject a-priori knowledge into machine learning.

    • Bjørn Anton Graff

      Head of research and innovation in Clinic for Medical Diagnostics, Vestre Viken Health Trust.

      Bjørn has been leading the procurement and implementation of an AI application for bone fracture detection in Vestre Viken health trust. Now, the health trust has established a team to facilitate and accelerate the implementation of AI into clinical practice.

    • Else Marit Inderberg

      Else Marit Inderberg is unit leader for Translational Research Unit, Section for Cellular Therapy at Oslo University Hospital.

      Else Marit holds an MSc equivalent degree in Immunology from France and a PhD in tumour immunology from the University of Oslo, Norway. 

      Her main research focus is on T-cell function and therapy development, including identification of predictive biomarkers of therapy response. She has broad oncology-related clinical trial experience and has co-authored numerous peer-reviewed publications, holds several patents, and is co-founder of two spin-off companies within cancer vaccination and cell therapy.

    • Henrik Schirmer

      Henrik Schirmer is professor and senior consultant in Cardiology at University of Oslo and Akershus University Hospital.

      Main research interest has been:

      • clinical and epidemiological cardiovascular diseases with a particular focus on heart failure,
      • atrial fibrillation 
      • acute coronary heart disease

      Henrik Schirmer have also initiated epidemiological projects on diseases with similar risk factors such as diabetes and dementia.

    • Joan Condell

      Joan Condell is professor of Intelligent Technologies at Ulster University, Northern Ireland. 

      Professor Joan Condell leads the Human Centred Computing team in Ulster University (Northern Ireland) focusing on data analytics, AI and (wearable/ambient) IoT sensors for a range of applied sectors.  

      She manages a team of PhD researchers and Research Associates/Fellows across multiple national, EU and commercial projects (has led over 100 projects in her career).  Professor Condell has published over 250 papers and actively secured grants from external sources with a total project value over GBP 67M.

    • Jørgen K. Kanters

      Jørgen K. Kanters is an associate Professor at Laboratory of Experimental Cardiology at the University of Copenhagen. 

      Research interest:

      • Artificial Intelligence in Cardiovascular health and disease
      • Explainability of Deep Learning disease models.
      • Synthetic dataset of clinical electrocardiographical (ECG) data
    • Oluf Dimitri Røe

      Oluf Dimitri Røe is professor, Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

      Main research interests have been:

      • a combination of clinical and basic cancer research (translational), including biomarkers for early detection of cancer, predictive and prognostic biomarkers
      • genome-wide analysis 
      • mechanisms of treatment resistance
    • Pedro Lind

      Pedro Lind is professor at department computer Science, OsloMet and Adjunct Chief Research Scientist at SIMULA. 

      Research interests:

      • AI
      • Mathematical Modelling
      • Statistics
    • Sebastian Franco Ulloa

      Sebastian Franco Ulloa is senior Data Scientist and Consultant at Expert Analytics AS.

      Sebastian holds a Ph.D. in biotechnological sciences from the Italian Institute of Technology.

      Sebastian has employed computational methods to study the biomedical applications of metal nanoparticles and to identify novel anti-carcinogenic compounds. More recently, his work has focused on automating and scaling the discovery of biomarkers from cytometry data. 

      Sebastian's interests span machine learning/artificial intelligence, biostatistics and immunology.

    • Susanne Lie

      Susanne Lie is legal Specialist Director at The Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

      Field of work are the public sector, including health and research.

    • Tero Aittokallio

      Tero Aittokallio is group Leader at Institute for Cancer Research, Oslo University Hospital, and Professor at Oslo Centre for Biostatistics and Epidemiology University of Oslo, Norway.

      My group has expertise in integrating multi-omics profiling and clinical information from cancer patients using mathematical and statistical approaches such as machine learning and network modeling. 

      The medical aim is to optimize treatment outcomes for individual patients using maximally predictive models and minimal biomarker signatures that enable real-time and cost-effective routine diagnostics and prognosis. 

      We believe that combining functional, molecular and genomic profiling information is critical for next-generation precision medicine applications, where integrative modeling and clever use of big data will pinpoint effective and selective targets for personalized therapies.

  • Practical information

    • The Intelligent Health Conference is a hybrid conference.
    • The conference is free, and for participants present at OsloMet, there will be served food during the day.
    • This Conference is in English.
    • The conference takes place at Campus Pilestredet, located in the center of Oslo. The conference will be at Pilestredet 46, Athene 1.
  • Program committee

    • Andre Brodtkorb, Head of Department and professor at OsloMet
    • Elin Holter Anthonisen, Head of Department at OsloMet
    • Jesper Ravn, Senior advisor in technology and health at Akershus University Hospital
    • Marine Jeanmougin, EU Affairs and Digital Innovation at Oslo Cancer Cluster
    • Michael Riegler, Professor and Head of AI Strategy at Simula
    • Vibeke Telle-Hanse, academic responsibility at Intelligent health at OsloMet
  • The organizing committee

    • Amelie Werkhausen, coordinator at Intelligent Health, OsloMet
    • Charlotte Wu Homme, Head of Membership and Events at Oslo Cancer Cluster
    • Dave Tippett, Advisor at Oslo Cancer Cluster
    • Kristine Andreassen, coordinator at Intelligent Health, OsloMet
    • Marine Jeanmougin, EU Affairs and Digital Innovation at Oslo Cancer Cluster
    • Vibeke Telle-Hanse, academic responsibility at Intelligent health, OsloMet


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