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LUILOK 2.0 – localisation of the Faculty of Education and International Studies’ activities

The project LUILOK 2.0 is looking into the localisation of the Faculty of Education and International Studies’ activities.

LUILOK 2.0 addresses the faculty's localisation, academic development and interests in relation to OsloMet’s Campus programme.

Project phases


  • Project Steering Committee

    • Roger André Federici, Dean (project owner)
    • Jarle Traavik, Faculty Director (Head of project steering committee)
    • Kristin Danielsen Wolf, Head of Department of Early Childhood Education (BLU)
    • Vibeke Bjarnø, Head of Department of Primary and Secondary Teacher Education (GFU)
    • Hilde Arntsen, Head of Department of International Studies and Interpreting (IST)
    • Anna Hagen Tønder, Head of Department of Vocational Teacher Education (YLU)
    • Marit Lunde, Director of National Centre of Multicultural Education 
    • Ronald Worley, representative from the Faculty administration
    • Finn Aarsæther, Vice-Dean of Education
    • Sølvi Mausethagen, Vice-Dean of Research and Development
    • Gry-Merethe Lutro, Head of Section for Human Resources
    • Trine Johnsrud, Acting Senior Safety Representative Faculty LUI
  • Project group

    • Gry Hovland, Project Manager
    • Bruna M. Bruce, Assistant Project Manager
    • Fred Arild Pettersen, User Coordinator P52-project
    • Siv Tonje Sperati Håkensen, Communication
    • Anne Brændshøi, Human Resources
    • Runa Grimstad Wold, Project Team Member
  • Participation

    LUILOK 2.0 involves the public sector unions and safety representatives in line with the applicable laws, regulations and internal policy for tripartite cooperation. The project has regular meetings with participating bodies at the faculty.

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