A class learning digital technologies. Photo: Unsplash

New centre aims to prepare future professionals for the digital world

PACT (Centre for Education in Profession-Applied and Contextualized Technology) is a new centre at OsloMet that will promote a new type of education where all students develop an understanding of how technology interacts with their future profession and with society.

"Digital technologies have drastically transformed our society, and new challenges have occurred when we are teaching present and future professionals about technology", says Gustavo Mello, leader of the AI Lab 

The vision of the PACT initiative is to empower future professionals with skills and knowledge that enables students to be relevant for the workforce in the digital world.

The initiative is a consortium of internal and external stakeholders at the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design (TKD), which include the AI Lab, the Makerspace, Simula, Gründergarasjen and NORA.startup. 

"The main focus is to develop a new community of practice that will span across disciplines and professional fields where we aim for applied and contextualized knowledge of digital technologies for all", Mello explains. 

The centre will promote learning about technology that is relevant to entrepreneurship and professions through activities performed in multidisciplinary groups and based on real-world problems and global challenges. 

PACT has recently been granted 1,5 million NOK from the education committee to further develop the centre and the application to become a Centre of Excellence.