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The picture shows the two rectors shaking hands after signing the collaboration agreement.

Collaboration with a Czech university in strong progress

The Czech University of Hradec Králové and OsloMet have signed a Letter of Intent on cooperation in education, science and research.

The collaboration is about mobility of students, teachers and employees, and in science, the two universities will cooperate in mutual projects, and in organisation and co-organisation of conferences.

They will also participate in publishing professional journals, including participation in editorial councils and publishing.

If the collaboration goes beyond the agreement that has been signed, it may be relevant to have separate contracts in separate areas.

Cooperation in a time of rapid change

During the signing of the collaboration agreement in Oslo June 17, the rector of the University of Hradec Králové, Professor Kamil Kuča, emphasized on the importance of cooperation in a time of rapid change.

"The letter of intent that we will sign today, is an important step in the process in formalizing the already fruitful relationship between our two universities."

The cooperation with OsloMet and University of Hradec Králové started with the AI Lab, and the two institutions has been working together for the past several years.

Collaboration on computer science and health technology

The letter of intent will formalize collaboration in education and research in the fields of computer science and health technology.

"Like OsloMet the University of Hradec Králové is a young and dynamic university. The two institutions share similarities in terms of education and research portfolios, and we share focus on cross disciplinary research in engineering and health."

"Both universities have great emphasis on innovation and social responsibility, and so the agreement we sign will constitute a good match, both for the research environment and cooperation, but also for the institutions themselves."

"This gives us opportunities for collaboration, joint research applications, student and staff exchange, education, innovation and technology transfer. We really look forward to developing relationships the next years," said Kamil Kuča.

High publication figures

The Czech University has excelled with high publication figures in research in recent years, and this is also noticed and makes an impression at OsloMet.

Training in writing scientific articles and applications, and financial investment in research and internationalization have yielded good results.

The university has also done well in rankings, and this has had a lot to say in the access to resources.

Good relations important for international cooperation

Dean Carl Christian Thodesen at the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design at OsloMet emphasized good and strong relations as a foundation for international cooperation.

"Especially in technology, OsloMet has become an international institution, with many nationalities among its employees."

Growing technology environment

"Good projects from the industry and gifts that previous students have contributed to, means that the university gets something back from the society. It makes us stronger."

The extensive technological development has also a lot to say for the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design growing in size.

The picture shows Dean Carl Christian Thodesen handing over OsloMet's self-produced honey and history book to Rector Kamil Kuča. Associate Professor Hårek Haugerud is in the background.

Honey from the beehives on the roof of OsloMet and OsloMet's newly published history book is included when the collaboration agreement is to be marked. Here you see Dean Carl Cristian Thodesen and Rector Kamil Kuča with Associate Professor Hårek Haugerud in the background. Photo: Olav-Johan Øye

Brings together health and technology

"Now we are trying to bring health and technology stronger together," said Thodesen.

OsloMet is the largest health educator in Norway, with almost all types of health educations, except medical education, in the Faculty of Health Science.

At the top of the article, we see the rector of the University of Hradec Králové, Professor Kamil Kuča, and the vice-rector of R&D that OsloMet, Per Martin Norheim-Martinsen, sign the agreement.

More about the collaboration

Technology cooperation with the Czech Republic

OsloMet is initiating a collaboration with the University of Hradec Králové in the Czech Republic on commercialisation of technological research.

The photo shows a smiling girl outdoors on campus of the Czech university University of Hradec Králové, holding a flag with the university logo together with a Norwegian flag.
The technology and knowledge transfer based on Norway-Czech cooperation

The project focuses on the transfer of technology, intellectual property protection and support of spin-off companies.

Student from the University of Hradec Králové in the Czech Republic holding up two flags, one Norwegian flag and one from their university, to illustrate the cooperation.
Published: 22/06/2022 | Olav-Johan Øye