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Portrait picture of Cristina Paupini to the left. Cristina is dressed in a white shirt, and in the background there is a brick wall. To the right, a picture of Pilestredet 35 in Oslo.

Cristina Paupini elected for the Faculty Board at TKD

PhD Fellow Cristina Paupini is elected as representative for the temporary teaching and research staff at Faculty of Technology, Art and Design (TKD).

She is elected for the period 01.08.21 to 31.07.22.

Cristina Paupini is a PhD Fellow in the Department of Computer Science.

She is a member of the Universal Design of ICT research group, and she works in collaboration with SIFO on the RELINK project. 

Cristina has been working at OsloMet since 2019, researching IoT devices in the context of the household. 

‘In addition to my research at the intersection of technology and sociology, I teach on the Technology and Society courses and supervise students’, she says.

Important that temporary employees can contribute

‘OsloMet is at a crucial stage of its evolution and I feel it is important for PhDs, post docs and temporary faculty members to contribute in shaping what our working life and space will be like.’

‘It will be a priority for me to listen to the voices and needs of temporary employees, perhaps with dedicated meetings and communication channels, and bring them right back to the faculty board.’

Will contribute to better accessibility for the international staff

‘I will also work towards making the faculty board’s decisions and reports more accessible for the international staff and make sure that we are included in the discourse.’

No deputy representative was elected. There will be by-elections in the autumn of 2021, since there were only female candidates and there is a requirement for gender balance.

About Cristina Paupini

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    Published: 10/06/2021 | Olav-Johan Øye