The team that will organize the Nordic Quantum Life Science Round Table in Norway in 2024.

Nordic Quantum Life Science Round Table passing the Torch to Norway for 2024

The Nordic Quantum Life Science Round Table, held in Finland on November 2023, marked the end of a successful event that brought together key players in the field of Quantum Life Science (QLS). The 2024 edition will be organized by NordSTAR, OsloMet Quantum Hub, OsloMet AI Lab, and Simula.

The round table, an annual by-invitation gathering, aims to catalyze QLS through knowledge sharing and exploring new possibilities within the intersection of Quantum Technologies and Life Sciences. Every year, the event features interdisciplinary groups of scientists, entrepreneurs, funders, venture capitalists, and government representatives from the Nordic countries and beyond, all working and interfacing with QLS. 

The Nordic Quantum Life Science Round Table has been an important platform for advancing the field of QLS and ensuring the Nordics remain at the forefront of this rapidly advancing field.

The event has played a pivotal role in fostering collaboration among leading scientists, healthcare professionals, and industry partners to explore the potential of Quantum Life Science and its impact on healthcare and life sciences.

In its last edition, in Finland, the program included roundtable discussions, presentations, panel debates, and plenary discussions, offering enriching discussions, collaborative networking, and the opportunity to build QLS knowledge.

The "NQLS"-cup, a symbolic representation of the event, has been now passed to Norway, where the 2024 edition of the round table will be organized by NordSTAR, QHub, OsloMet AI Lab, and Simula. 

Will focus on Intelligent Health

The Norwegian edition of the NQLS Round Table will also benefit from one of the strategic focuses of OsloMet in research and education, namely the Intelligent Health initiative at our university. The organizers are aiming to have one day at OsloMet and one day at SIMULA for the 2024 edition. They are also looking to involve Norwegian government representatives.

The future looks promising for this interdisciplinary and groundbreaking field, and the upcoming 2024 edition in Norway is expected to further contribute to the advancement of Quantum Life Science in the Nordic region and beyond.

In the picture at the top of the article you see from left to right From left to right: Ebba Carbonnier, Morten Bache, Sabrina Maniscalco, Pedro Lind and Daniel Lundqvist.

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